We provide the following property maintenance services:

Pest Control/Bird Netting

From mice and rodent prevention, including bird and fox control and deterrence, Apex Roofing leaves no aspect of pest control uncovered.

Roof Cleaning

We offer two types of roof cleaning and moss removal Apex Roofing. We can scrape all moss off with scrapers or we can pressure wash your roof.

With the pressure washing service we also repoint all mortar on ridge tiles, bonnets and hips, and we’ll replace all broken tiles or slates while we’re at it. We will also thoroughly clean all fascia and guttering.

Granite and Graffiti Cleaning

If your Granite walls are looking dull we can bring them back to life by removing grime and weathering, giving the appearance of a new wall. Apex Roofing use biodegradable chemicals and/or pressure washing to achieve the desired results.

Graffiti can be difficult to remove, depending on the surface it is on. Many graffiti removal and restoration efforts can leave surfaces looking as bad, or worse, than before the work began. Each application is different, thus requiring specialised cleaning agents and a working knowledge of how chemicals interact with various surfaces, we only uses biodegradable chemicals to remove graffiti.

Yearly Maintenance Programmes

One of the main areas for Apex Roofing is long-term maintenance contracts. This can include a complete maintenance contract for a housing associations or commercial clients making sure all buildings are kept within specific standards, or working for private individuals who own large property portfolios which are either rented or investment properties.