APEX Roofing Services has vast experience in installing uPVC Guttering in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas and all our work is undertaken by our own highly skilled staff.

uPVC is resistant to even the most adverse weather conditions, insects, vermin and fire. It will never rot and you does not require painting. uPVC can be recycled up to 10 times, which reduces the product’s carbon imprint over time.

We provide Installation & Repairs on the following uPVC applications:

UPVC Cladding

Apex Roofing Services provide home and business owners uPVC cladding as an alternative to using wood which is no longer practical. Timber cladding rots over time and is expensive and time consuming to maintain.

UPVC Fascias & Soffits

Fascias are attached to the roof trusses. They are boards that run horizontally along the top of the exterior walls and help to support the gutters, which can be heavily strained from gallons of rainwater. The soffits are boards that connect at a right angle to the fascia and are often ventilated to prevent a build up of condensation within the roof eaves. Soffits will help to keep your roof’s overhang in perfect condition.

UPVC Guttering

Our high quality guttering systems are designed to protect your property from the most adverse weather. They will divert rainwater away from your roofline and provide protection from deterioration or spoilage.

We fit secure and durable seals to prevent leaks, and fixed brackets to ensure that water flows evenly into the drainpipe with no danger of overflowing.